Honeybees are thought to have originated in Tropical Africa and spread from South Africa to Northern Europe and East into India and China. They were brought to the United States with the early colonists and are now found throughout the world. The first bees appear in fossils in deposits dating around 40 million years ago.

A typical small hive contains perhaps 15,000 bees and these are divided into three types: Queen, Drone, and Worker. The Queen lives about 2 years and spends all of her time laying eggs; about 200,000 per year. The Drones primary job is to mate with the queen and lives from 3 weeks to 3 months mainly depending on the weather. The Worker lives from 3 weeks to 5 months and does everything else from collecting to house cleaning and cooling.

The hive is a very creative box made of wood and contains slated frames on which the worker bees can build wax molds to store the honey.

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